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01 Dec 2021
Canberra, ACT
Prime Minister

PRIME MINISTER: I'm looking forward to Christmas, I think we're all looking forward to Christmas. I think Australians are coming together for Christmas and that's really exciting. I think we're looking forward to this Christmas, like few up until now and this weekend, I'm putting the lights up on the house. I'm looking forward to that and the ritual with the girls and with Jen, and I'm wishing everybody here a Merry Christmas. Anthony, Penny and Adam and of course, Barnaby and the great team at the Salvos and the wonderful support we get in the community for the Salvos. An interesting mixture here. Albo's got a unicorn. I’ve brought the GraviTrax. That got me through quite a few lockdowns this year, I've got to tell you, as others went through puzzles and various other things.

So the other thing I'm looking forward to, I think it's going to be a bumper Christmas for our retailers who have been doing it really tough. So when you're out shopping for Christmas, shop local, support your local small businesses, they've had a tough year. So why not give them a great Christmas present by doing your local shopping in your local shops, supporting the local businesses who stood by you during the course of this pandemic; And it'd be great to see them also having a bumper Christmas and as their staff are coming back and also looking forward to that great period of time.

But Christmas is an important Christian religious festival as well, and something that's very important, I know to so many Australians and it is a great time of family and coming together. But for those of the Christian faith, it is a very important time of the year and we celebrate the birth of Christ. So enjoy the season and wishing everybody a very merry Christmas. And I'll ask the Salvos to say a few words.